Input Director

Input Director 1.4

Control multiple Windows systems using the keyboard/mouse attached to one PC
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If you are a user that needs to work with two or more computers at the same time, Input Director is a great option to have. With just one keyboard and mouse, you can choose which computer you would like to operate. The requirements are few: all the computers need to have Input Director installed and running; and they need to be connected in the same device regardless of their connection type, e.g. wireless or Ethernet connection.

The computer where you will operate the keyboard and mouse from has to be configured as the master computer. The rest of the computers you will have access to have to be configured as slave computers. By default, a slave computer allows any computer to take control of it, but you can limit its access only to computers on a subnet or only computers listed in the Master Hostname list. From the master configuration window, you can scan the slave computers or add a host manually. You can configure a hotkey for each slave computer. Other important features include: you can copy and paste to clipboard from one computer to another; record keyboard macros to be used on any computer; you can shut down slave computers, and more.

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  • It doesn't require logon. You can use the clipboard to copy and paste among computers


  • It works only in Windows platforms
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